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  November 22, 2021   by Adam Malik

Off-road vehicle lightbars

Lumileds introduced a new line of LED lightbars designed for off-road use. The Philips Ultinon Drive 5000 series LED lightbars includes 3 single row lightbars and 2 double row lightbars, in widths of 10” (5001L, 5050L), 20” (5002L, 5003L), and 30” (5004L). The lightbars produce illumination patterns from 400 to 500 yards, depending on the model. Ultinon Drive optics combine spot and flood light beam patterns, to improve visibility both far and wide. The brilliant illumination, combined with a cool light color of up to 6500 K, improve driving safety while also reducing eye strain. The lightbars are built with single-piece assemblies to withstand weather and environmental conditions. They are tested to ensure they will hold up to aggressive off-roading, dust, high temperatures, and high-pressure water.

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