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  April 21, 2022   by Adam Malik

Bronco TBI conversion kits

Howell EFI has made Ford Inline 6 and V8 TBI Kits available to convert carbureted first-generation classic (1966-1977) Ford Broncos to TBI. The conversion kit can be used to greatly improve performance, cold starting, drivability and fuel mileage for any Inline 6 or V-8 carbureted Bronco.  The kits include everything needed to convert a Ford Bronco (Wagons, Roadsters or Half-Cab) to TBI in one kit for an immediate increase in power and fuel mileage and the ability for off-roaders to attack trails at any angle without loss of fuel. The Howell TBI kit features a remanufactured GM throttle body appropriate for the engine size, all sensors — MAP, coolant and oxygen, components — a stand-alone wiring harness available in variable lengths based on where the TBI will be located, ECM and fuel pump, clamps and one of three sized adapter plates.

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