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  October 21, 2019   by Allan Janssen

Blended Ignition Program

Auto Value has launched a blended ignition coil program in response to growing demand for exact-fit replacements.

It is the fourth blended program Auto Value has launched, starting with oxygen sensors in 2013.

The OE Engine Management Cataloguing Program was designed to streamline the process of finding OE-fit ignition coils.

“With so many sensors and electronic parts facilitating the operation of today’s modern vehicles, technicians are becoming increasingly selective about what parts they are willing to put onto a customer’s vehicle,” said Justin Hebert, category manager for the Aftermarket Auto Parts Alliance, headquarters for Auto Value. “Everything on the vehicle must communicate and function in harmony with all of the other components. When a technician has to replace a failing part, he doesn’t want there to be any doubt that the new part will restore the system to operational efficiency and remove the error light.”

The Alliance partnered with the four largest global OE Ignition Coil suppliers: Bosch, Delphi, Denso, and Hitachi, representing an exhaustive knowledge of the specifications required for almost every engine platform in production today.

Many of them have earned ignition coil OE business or OES (Original Equipment Supplier) business, or improved on the OE design or corrected a known early failure point. 

“We did some intensive market and category research that all pointed to ignition coils as the best place to start. They are a common failure point in the vehicle ignition system,” Hebert said.

The program, exclusive to Auto Value,  covers more than 278 million vehicles in operations with OE, OES, or OE Specification ignition coils.



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