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News   November 16, 2016   by Steve Pawlett

Philips Vision Moto Delivers Lighting Coverage for Scooters and Powersport


Lumileds, a subsidiary of Royal Philips, has introduced a new line of advanced headlight bulbs for import scooter and powersports’ applications, HS1 and S2.  Philips Vision Moto complements the Philips MotoVision line, which is designed for motorcycle and scooter applications.

Philips Vision Moto bulbs are engineered to produce 30% more light than standard bulbs. This increased light output helps to illuminate more of the roadway for the rider and can help ensure superior nighttime visibility. More light at night is especially beneficial in powersports applications where riders may be riding on dark, unfamiliar roads and trails.

Philips MotoVision bulbs are available in 9003/H4 and H7 applications. They put 40% more light on the road and deliver a beam that’s 50 ft. longer than traditional halogen bulbs, so riders can see clearly and can be seen easily by other motorists. Philips MotoVision bulbs are also designed to create a distinctive orange reflection in the headlight that helps motorcycles and scooters stand out from other road traffic.