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News   January 27, 2016   by Steve Pawlett

New Microsite Helps Customers Find The Right Rislone Chemical Repair

A new microsite from Rislone makes it easy for auto parts store personnel to help customers find the best  engine treatment products for their specific vehicle issues. The mobile-friendly site,, is the first of its kind in the vehicle chemical industry.

The microsite uses plain language to walk users through the process of identifying issues they’re having with their vehicles.  A diagnostic database then makes specific product recommendations based on that information. Depending on the issue, the site may provide a single recommendation or a choice of good, better and best solutions.

Store personnel can access the site on a computer, tablet or mobile phone to quickly and easily steer customers to the right products for their needs. Customers can also access the site on their own mobile devices to make it easier to choose the right Rislone product.

If they want more information about any of the recommended products, a single click will take them to an in-depth product page complete with description, FAQs, Tech Sheet, video and more.

“We want to make it easier for store employees, shop owners and consumers to come to an educated conclusion about Rislone products without the need to do any research or spend a lot of time reading product labels,” says Jeff Ventura, vice president of digital strategy and new media development for  Rislone. “We’re proud to be the first in our industry to provide a technology-driven tool to help sort through the wide selection of products we offer, based on a minimal amount of information. This microsite makes it easy to narrow down which products are right for the symptoms a customer’s vehicle is experiencing, greatly simplifying the sales process by quickly facilitating a discussion focused on just a few product solutions.”

For retailers, the microsite has an important built-in feature: it require users to identify the store they are in or plan to visit. This enables the microsite to recommend only Rislone products that are stocked by that retailer. 

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