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News   December 1, 2016   by CARS Magazine

Auditor General finds Transport Canada slow to act on safety risks

In a report released by Auditor General Michael Ferguson it was said that Transport Canada has been too slow to develop safety measures vital to the well-being of Canadians in the rapid changing world of transportation.

“Technology is evolving faster than the regulations and standards designed to protect Canadians,” said the report.

The report also highlighted that Transport Canada has lagged in its ability to identify safety defects and that it too often waits for the U.S. to flag the issues first.

Ferguson’s recommendations for Transport Canada include providing time for technical and public input on safety standards and working closer with the insurance industry, medical associations and police.

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  1. Bob Ward says:

    Why is it that our Federal government is always slow to react to policies that protect the public? Safety recalls are still a potential concern and only now are they starting to look at it. How long has asbestos been banned in the US? We are simply a dumping ground now. Does the safety of skilled tradespeople not matter any more? It almost seems that big business dictates government policy. I guess money trumps safety.

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