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News   November 18, 2022   by Adam Malik

Will EVs spell the end of the DIYer?

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As vehicles become more technologically advanced, will those who are proud do-it-yourselfers only be left to handle filter and wiper changes? Two experts recently weighed in.

As someone with antique cars — built as long ago as 1939 to as recently as 1991 — Chris Bahlman, product manager at KPIT, an automotive software company, said there are a lot of differences in what a DIYer can do as vehicles become increasingly advanced.

As electrics become more commonplace and more electronics, in general, are fitted, it’ll be harder for a pure DIYer to exist. But there is one way.

“Part of it has to do with just making the investment and the tools limited unless the DIYer really is devoted to, let’s say, specialization,” he said during the Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers Association’s recent 2022 Technology Conference.

Because of the complexity from one vehicle brand to the next, a DIYer will need to know it exceptionally well — and have the tools to do the job.

“I actually see the day to where you can have, depending on the tools and knowledge available, you could have a DIYer who specializes only in EVs,” Bahlman added.

For Tom Bradley, who oversees production management at O’Reilly Auto Parts, as long as there are drivetrain and chassis components, there will be failures that a DIYer will be able to take care of, not to mention the accessories.

The way he sees it, stores will be tasked with ensuring their employees are up to date to not only know what’s happening in the market but also advise DIYers properly.

“We are committed to training our team members and our customer partners, whether it be the garage up and down the street or helping our DIY customers really figure out how to use some of this product,” Bradley said.

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