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Why Roadside Assistance is Great Insurance

Not too many people take into consideration what can go mechanically wrong while driving. Cars have come a long way after all, and their reliability is unmatched. However, like any other machine, they can stop working while everything appears to be going alright. Services such as a tow to an auto shop or a quick jump-start can cost some money. That is where roadside assistance coverage comes in. Nearly every auto insurance provider offers this as an add-on to standard car insurance. Services such as these won’t be covered by your normal car insurance, so you would be on the line for anything like a tow or tire change. Roadside assistance covers all these and more for an agreeable rate. Here is everything you should know about and how to get such coverage for your car. 

What Roadside Assistance Car Insurance is 

As previously mentioned, roadside assistance is mostly available from insurance companies as an add-on to a policy that isn’t required by law like general liability is. Whether your car stops working while on the open road or you run out of gas. Here are the services that it covers:

  • Towing jobs – Towing is the first and foremost thing that usually comes when a car experiences technical difficulties while out on the open road. These vehicles usually take your vehicle to the nearest auto shop a certain distance away. Coverage is based on a certain amount of miles to any given repair shop. 
  • Battery jumpstart – This service can help you if your car’s battery died and you need a boost from roadside services. It’s a good thing that dead batteries are one of the easiest issues to solve. 
  • Locksmiths – Everyone locks their keys at least once in their life –it happens to the best. Locksmiths can be called swiftly to the scene to get you back in your car without damaging it. 
  • Fuel-drop off – If you misjudge the distance to the next gas station while out on a road trip per se, you can arrange to have fuel dropped off at your location by a roadside representative. 
  • Flat tire change – Another common thing that happens to more drivers than you think is suffering a flat tire after running over something sharp and unseen. You obviously won’t be able to get far with a flat tire, but you can arrange a new one or a specialist to come to your location and either change or replace the tire. 
  • Winch jobs – If you were to rear into a ditch or someplace where your car gets stuck, workers could be on the scene with a winch ready to get your car out of there and to a repair shop if necessary. This service, like all the other ones just mentioned, is a part of roadside assistance coverage. 

Why You May Want Roadside Assistance Car Insurance 

Aside from the sheer convenience and money you can save from cases where you would need roadside assistance, it can also be a good investment, depending on your car. Here are some reasons why you should get roadside assistance coverage:

  • Car age – Since new cars are often fresh out of the factory, getting something like roadside assistance for them can seem like a stretch. You still have the spare tire in the back in case of an emergency, and new cars are less likely to break down than old ones. One-off services also don’t stack up as regular roadside assistance would. 
  • Daily driving – Consider how much you drive every day and where to. Maybe you have to regularly take an express or highway to work every day. If you road-trip a lot, then your car has a higher chance of not breaking down and more. Roadside assistance can come in handy here. 
  • Cost – Roadside assistance is quite agreeable when it comes to its pricing. There are also organizations such as AAA that are dedicated to providing affordable and reliable roadside assistance. 
  • Free services – Yes, you read that right. Some credit card companies and car makers may provide all the services and insurances we mentioned for free. Terms apply, however, but you should always check with any of the two. 

The Cost of Roadside Assistance 

Roadside assistance can cost anywhere from $50 to $165 a year, depending on where you are getting it from. Car insurance-provided roadside assistance is known to be cheaper than that provided by a specialized company. However, the difference in the insurance coverage they supply may be night and day. It helps to look at them like you look at regular car insurance –compare and contrast all your options to find the best one that fits your budget.   


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  1. Roadside assistance is a general term that encompasses numerous different services. It’s all about making sure people who find themselves stuck on the side of the road can get the help they need during a difficult situation.

  2. Ken Conley says:

    I never realized roadside assistance covered so many things until I read your article. I think it’s really beneficial for vehicle owners to get this insurance

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