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News   February 14, 2024   by Adam Malik

Why get AI to write your product descriptions

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As suppliers look to provide more details on products, the task can be daunting thanks to demands on staff time.

So rather than focus on the more aspirational possibilities of artificial intelligence, the automotive aftermarket should look at using the tool to take care of more simple tasks.

“It’s great at simple stuff, like writing a description. Something fairly boring to talk about, but it is very impactful to the businesses,” said Johannes Crepon, CEO and co-founder of PDM Automotive at the MEMA Aftermarket Suppliers Aftermarket Technology Conference. “And then again, especially on an omnichannel strategy where all the channels have such unique requirements, it’s just super helpful because it can take you can take very specific information and then adopt it more to the more, say, fluffy requirements that are across the different channels.”

And this won’t replace the jobs of those who write these descriptions — but free them up to take on other tasks.

“We’re not trying to replace jobs, we’re just trying to give people freedom to do the jobs we’re paying them to do,” said Will Stone, solution architect at  Classy Llama. “And they’re having to go through a lot of manual processes or processes that are just not understood and don’t have the proper knowledge, where if that person goes on vacation and things go crazy. We need to have those conversations.”

Here’s how he would sell it to the C-suite: If you had these resources freed up to do other things, what could they be doing?

“So it’s really this thing of, where are you spending those dollars? In most cases, we actually find that companies can reduce their spend by implementing a new, more modern system, just because it doesn’t have the manual interactions,” Stone said.

“Look at how you can spin it to your C-suite. They’re looking at, ‘Hey, we’re spending this today.” But, again, if we do these slight small changes, what could we be saving? What could we be doing with those resources?”

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