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News   April 27, 2021   by Auto Service World Staff

Why Enclosed Auto Transport Is the Safest Choice to Ship Your Car

America is known as a car-loving nation. In fact, 63% of car owners admitted they service their vehicles more than they go to the dentist!

It’s fair to say that our cars are our most treasured possessions, and it’s difficult to leave them in other people’s hands. But sometimes, you need to, like when you’re moving and require auto shipping services.

Should you be in this situation, then you should choose enclosed auto transport over open. What is enclosed auto transport? It’s when vehicles are transported in a closed hauler (4 walls and a roof).

Read on to find out why enclosed auto transport is the safest choice for shipping your car.

The Drivers Are Experienced and Skilled

If you choose a company that has a proven reputation and years in business, then you can have peace of mind knowing that the drivers they use are experienced and skilled. They’ll have gone through the proper training and licensing to haul vehicles.

This is the safer option since you’re probably not used to driving for hours. Drowsy driving can be just as (or more) dangerous than drunk driving, so you can end up damaging not just your vehicle, but also yourself.

It’s better to put your trust in people who are trained in defensive driving and can handle long-distance trips with ease.

You’ll Get White-Glove Services

Because they need to move vehicles in bulk, open auto transport drivers might not be as careful. Of course, if you pick a stellar company, this probably won’t happen.

But when you pick enclosed auto transport, you can count on white-glove services. This means the truckers will treat your car as if it were their own. The extra attention to detail, protection, and security can make a huge difference!

Your Car’s Secured

Enclosed car haulers will secure your vehicle inside with specially-designed straps. These are placed at all angles to ensure your car is firmly in place. The vehicles are also spaced out evenly so they won’t hit one another in the event of an emergency. 

In addition, enclosed haulers tend to have a smaller capacity than open haulers. This means that vehicles aren’t stacked on top of one another, so you won’t have to worry about damage coming from a car falling on yours from above.

It Protects Against Debris

You can choose the most reputable and skilled trucker to transport your car, but they can’t do anything about the random debris they’ll encounter on the way. Roads will have dirt, pebbles, broken glass, etc., which can all fly up and hit your vehicle during transport.

If you opt for open hauler shipping, then it’s possible that your car will get banged up by flying debris. But enclosed haulers seal your vehicle off from the outside world!

Another added benefit is your car won’t be covered in dust when you receive it. Most auto shippers require that you wash your car before handing it over; you won’t have to wash it again after you receive it since it’ll still be clean!

It Protects Against Weather Too

Not only can the road kick up debris, but the weather can also wreak havoc on your vehicle. It can throw anything the trucker’s way, such as harsh winds, rain, snow, and hail.

Do you really want to leave things to chance? A huge gust of wind can throw pebbles all over your car, and a heavy hailstorm can leave dents all over too.

When your car’s safe and sound inside an enclosed hauler, you won’t have to worry about Mother Nature rearing her ugly head.

It Wards off Thieves

Open haulers show everyone what goods are on board. If you’ve got an average car, then this is an acceptable option since the chances of theft aren’t high.

However, if you have a classic or luxury vehicle, it’ll be an attractive score for thieves who see it on the road. Once the trucker stops to get gas, food, or rest, it gives burglars the perfect opportunity to steal your car.

Enclosed auto haulers stow vehicles away from view, so out of sight, out of mind. No one would even know there are valuable cars inside!

Even if people get curious, it’s much harder to jimmy open the container, extract the vehicle, and close everything back up.

How to Get Better Prices for Enclosed Auto Transport

We’ll admit that while there are lots of benefits of enclosed auto transport, it costs a bit more than its open counterpart. But don’t discount the idea just yet, as there are ways to find affordable prices.

First, book services as early as possible. Not only does this allow you to shop around, but it also eliminates the need for expedited shipping. If you schedule shipping in advance, you can opt for economy or standard shipping, which can cut down on enclosed auto transport costs.

And as we’ve just mentioned, you need to explore your options. Request quotes from several car shipping companies; this can show you the range of prices and give you better options for pickup and dropoff dates.

Pick Enclosed Auto Transport When Shipping Your Car

There are many benefits that come with enclosed auto transport. So even though it’s the more expensive option, it’ll pay for itself when you can safeguard your precious vehicle as best as possible.

Of course, you can mitigate some of these costs by booking early and shopping around. That way, you can enjoy the advantages of this type of shipping without paying through the nose!


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