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News   December 5, 2022   by Auto Service World Staff

What Are the Most Common Car Accident Injuries?

There are hundreds of thousands of road traffic incidents on the roads every year. Some are preventable, while others are a result of freak accidents.

 Most people have no idea what to do after a car accident because they’ve never been in one before. Plus, most people don’t expect to have to deal with the aftermath of a road traffic incident.

 It’s always good to stay optimistic and avoid thinking about potential accidents and injuries. However, it’s also important to be aware of what to do if you end up in such a situation.

 It’s also essential to educate yourself on the potentially detrimental impacts of car accidents. Not only can car accidents result in extensive vehicle damage, minor bumps can lead to injuries that could have long-term effects on your quality of life. Below, we’re going to discuss the most common car accident injuries.

4 Most Common Car Accident Injuries

Certain injuries are a lot more common than others in car accidents. Some injuries are easily treated and don’t cause long-lasting effects, while others can cause chronic problems.

If you’re in a road traffic accident that isn’t your fault, you might be in a position to file a claim against the driver or drivers who are responsible. For this, you will need to hire one of the expert Lamber Goodnow Accident Lawyers. 

Here are the most common injuries that are caused by car accidents on the roads.

1. Whiplash

Whiplash is a type of injury that results from a rapid, forceful movement of your head and neck. You will only experience whiplash if your head or body is moved at a rate that is faster than you could achieve yourself.

The symptoms of whiplash include neck pain, chronic headaches, and pain in the upper body. You might only notice these symptoms after several hours. Often, over-the-counter painkillers are suitable for treating whiplash-associated pain.

You should try and continue with your regular daily activities when you’re recovering from whiplash. Resting your neck for too long can actually slow down the recovery process.

When you’re in a car crash, your body can jerk forward against your seating belt. This can cause damage to the muscles and ligaments in this area of your body, which may lead to ongoing problems. Whiplash usually lasts 2-3 months but could last longer if there are additional complications.

2. Traumatic head injuries

Also known as traumatic brain injuries or TBIs, traumatic head injuries are another common issue that people face in the aftermath of a car accident. Depending on the severity of the head trauma, it can result in temporary or chronic complications.

If you’re in a car crash and receive a blow to the head, it’s essential to get immediate treatment to minimize the long-term effects. Head injuries aren’t always obvious at first but there are some key signs to look out for, including:

  • Headaches
  • Migraines
  • Slurred speech
  • Trouble sleeping

Find a hospital as soon as possible following the incident if you’re able to do so. Otherwise, call emergency services to get an ambulance to transport you there.

3. Back pain

Your back can easily get injured in a car accident. It’s full of delicate structures that can get moved around or broken upon sudden impact.

Back injuries can involve pulled ligaments, strained muscles, or broken vertebrae. You can also experience a herniated ear that occurs when one of the vertebrae in your spine gets pushed out of the spinal column and may cause you disk replacement surgery.

You might not notice a back injury as soon as it occurs. They can take several weeks to appear and may become chronic. Sadly, many people end up with ongoing back pain, for which they need to take regular painkillers.


4. Fractures or sprains

We’ve mentioned that the head, neck, and back are all very delicate areas of the body and your bones are no different. Despite being some of the hardest structures in your body, they can get fractured or sprained quite easily in a car crash.

The extent of a fracture or sprain can vary drastically. It largely depends on how much force is placed through the bone or where the force is applied. For obvious reasons, higher amounts of force will lead to more extensive fractures.

The most common bones to break in road traffic accidents are ribs, clavicles (collar bones), spinal vertebrae, sternum, and pelvic bones. Should you sustain a fracture to any of your bones, you need to seek treatment as quickly as possible to prevent the issue from causing further damage to your body.

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