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News   June 28, 2022   by Baxter Hall

What are the benefits of electric transportation, and is it worth buying?

The benefits of electric transportation in 2022

The range of transportation is enormous, and the options are not limited to gasoline and gas vehicles. Today, relatively small cars that have battery packs are trendy. Such units are lightweight and do not harm the planet’s ozone layer. 

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What is electric transportation?

The main difference between this type of transport from previous analogs is that the energy source for the work of such a machine is electricity, not gasoline, as it was before. It is set in motion with the help of an electric internal combustion engine and a simple electric motor. Today this segment of electric transport is vast and is represented in a wide range, from a motorcoach to an electric motorcycle or even an electric car. And naturally, like everything new, massive, and breakthrough, this type of transport has its pros and cons.


In addition to the fact that battery-powered vehicles are small in size and can be charged from electricity, in addition, certain types of them do not require a driver’s license. Of the main frequently used and practical options, there are these types of electric vehicles:

  • electric scooters;
  • Segways;
  • monocars;
  • electric scooters;
  • electric bicycles;
  • other.

Additional advantages of electric vehicles include their versatility. Regardless of traffic jams, such transport will help you get to your destination without the likelihood of standing in queues of cars, motorcycles, etc. In addition, it is much cheaper to maintain such a vehicle with a battery because it needs a timely charge from the simplest socket and convenient maintenance and replacement of parts. And it is many times cheaper than inspection and diagnostics of large transport.

Alternative travel solution

If it is not a full-fledged car but a two-wheeled unit, electric transport has only one drawback. And that is the weather conditions limiting the owner’s ability to go on the road. Also important is the terrain on which the electric vehicle driver wants to move. Depending on the type of vehicle is not always possible to choose winding paths and roads. So the battery may require recharging much earlier than the driver driving on a flat road.

But despite this, many people prefer to choose electric vehicles as an alternative to travel quickly in the right weather and season. 

Electro – it’s fashionable.

Such vehicles, in terms of technology, are not a novelty for a long time. However, “gadgets on wheels” became popular only a few years ago. It is due to the cheaper production of lithium-ion batteries, fashion, and technology development. In addition, due to the high demand, the competition between manufacturers has increased, the range has increased, and prices have become more affordable.

Thus, the mileage without recharging compared with earlier models increased several times. And the price, on the contrary, decreased by 2-3 times, and today is even lower than the cost of a top smartphone with support of online game 3 patti and other games.

Registration is not required.

One of the main obstacles to buying a vehicle with an internal combustion engine – car or motorcycle/scooter – is the “documentary issue.”

First, it is necessary to get a license of the required category, and second, to issue a certificate of registration and a license plate. For many people, communicating with the state causes irritation and association with bribes and queues. Of course, you can ride an ordinary bicycle, but if there is no shower cabin at work, the people around will not appreciate this way of saving.

The two-wheeled electric vehicle will not make you sweat, and the purchase procedure is no different from buying a smartphone. It is necessary to register the “gadget on wheels” and get it right only if its electric motor power is more than 3 kW – it’s a single model, but in most cases, no documents are needed. 

To any taste

The choice according to the type of vehicle – electric scooter, electric bike, or electric scooter – depends on individual preferences and tasks.

Modern electric scooters are very comfortable, and you can install a seat on them. They are equipped with large wheels and look like a moped or a futuristic “children’s” bike, which, in addition, can be folded, taken “under the arm,” and ride a few stops on the subway. However, such a gadget may not be suitable for tall and heavy people.


The electric bicycle is more versatile (suitable for everyone) and provides a sporty look, increased maneuverability, and cross-country mobility. A definite plus is the availability of 3 riding modes.

Electric scooters should pay attention to those who dislike the narrow bicycle seat – they have wide and comfortable “seats.” In addition, most electric scooters have a trunk, and the center is designed for two people. The scooters, compared to the “bike,” have a smaller diameter of wheels and no pedaling function. But the mileage on a single charge – is up to 120 km.

The constructive structure of all the above vehicles is simple: they are equipped with a motor wheel (front-drive or rear-drive), a controller, a gas pedal handle, and a rechargeable battery.

Driving on the Road

Learning to drive an electric two-wheeled vehicle is no more difficult than riding a regular bicycle: our journalists could cope with this task in five minutes. But before you ride on public roads, you must consider safety. Namely – to know the traffic rules (although it is not required to pass the license) and stick to them. In addition, it is essential (besides traffic lights, signals, signs, and markings) to learn and be able to give signals-gestures to a motorcyclist: a warning about changing a lane, turning, and braking.

The lawyer also added that since in the traffic rules there is no concept of “electric scooter,” “-bike,” or “-scooter,” then you can not be fined for the lack of a helmet. But you should wear the individual means of protection (helmet, kneepads, and elbow pads) just for safety reasons.


The price per kilometer.

With the current prices of electricity, the cost of 100 kilometers is five times cheaper than the alternative. The very models of bicycles and scooters differ by wheel diameter, the indicators of maximum speed, and mileage on a single charge. 

However, it must be remembered that the more influential the electric two-wheeled motor vehicle, the more opportunities the driver has to respond to the changing road situation: to quickly rearrange, cross the intersection, safely bypass obstacles, and so on.

Room to spare

While a regular scooter or moped needs to be refueled and change oil and filters (a dirty job), an electric vehicle only needs to be charged (from a standard outlet) – that’s it! Plus, if a scooter with a combustion engine in the living room over the winter will not put for reasons of cleanliness (technical fluids leak, leave stains, and not all have a pleasant smell), two-wheeled electric transport is devoid of all these shortcomings, that is, it can be stored even in the apartment.

It is, of course, easier to place an electric scooter. But with an electric bike, no unique problems will not arise: there are models with a folding system that allows you to store the device in a folded form (will fit in the anteroom, closet, or even the trunk of the car). Do not cause any particular difficulties and more oversized electric scooters: many models have a removable battery, which can be removed and recharged at home. And you can store the electric scooter itself in a parking lot or parking lot near your home.

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