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News   October 27, 2020   by Christine Hogg

Volvo Valet provides contactless maintenance solution for Canadians

Keeping customer safety top of mind, Volvo has launched Volvo Valet, an app-based premium pick-up and drop-off service designed for vehicle maintenance.

With Volvo Valet, Volvo owners in Canada now have a secure solution to service their vehicles without leaving their homes or workplace.

Owners may use the proprietary smartphone app for iOS and Android to contact a participating retailer and schedule their appointment.

With COVID-19 safety measures top of mind, a retailer employee will pick up the customer’s car at the owner’s most convenient location while maintenance is being performed, allowing them to conveniently continue on with their day.

“Safety has always been a top priority for Volvo, and that will never change,” said Matt Girgis, managing director, Volvo Cars Canada. “What will change is the technologies we employ to improve the customer experience. Volvo Valet is one way we are working to service our valued customers, safely and conveniently.”

How Volvo Valet works

After a physically distanced handoff, customers will receive a notification when their car has arrived at the Retailer servicing centre, and also when their car is ready to be returned.

The Volvo Valet app allows customers to see where their driver is and when they will arrive, similar to other ride-hailing apps.

“Our Canadian Retailer network is dedicated to providing essential services to our Volvo Family,” said Girgis. “With Volvo Valet, our customers don’t need to slow down or pause on what’s important in their lives. The app offers our customers exclusive access to a transparent maintenance process to help make their lives less complicated, more comfortable, and safer.”

Volvo Valet has been in pilot with a few retailers for the last several months, and is expanding rapidly across the Canadian network in the wake of COVID-19.

It uses in-house technology to facilitate pick-up and delivery of customer cars, allowing Retailers to keep the process completely premium, safe, transparent, and only between Volvo Cars, its retailers and drivers.

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