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News   July 5, 2017   by Adam Malik

Volvo to go all electric

The Volvo XC60. Starting in 2019, all Volvo vehicles will have electric engines.

Volvo is saying goodbye to internal combustion engines and launching an all-electric lineup starting in 2019.

Every vehicle it makes starting two years from now will have an electric engine, the company announced. The move “represents one of the most significant strategies by any car maker to embrace electrification” Volvo said, and was sparked by customer feedback.

“People increasingly demand electrified cars and we want to respond to our customers’ current and future needs,” said Håkan Samuelsson, president and chief executive officer of the Swedish carmaker. “You can now pick and choose whichever electrified Volvo you wish.”

Volvo will launch five fully electric cars from 2019-2021. Three will be Volvo models and two will be electrified cars from the company’s performance car arm, Polestar. The carmaker also plans to supplement them with a range of gasoline and diesel plug-in hybrid and mild hybrid, or 48-volt, options on all models, which the Volvo said would be one of the “broadest electrified car offerings of any car maker.”

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