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News   September 8, 2021   by Vigor Air Suspensions

Paid Vigor Air Suspensions adds rear air spring for Lexus

What Special about Our Air Suspension?

  • All products have a chance of being repaired, regardless of the product.
  • A high quality brand name that makes product success a top priority.
  • Customer service is provided on American territory making it easily accessible.
  • Its functionality and great coverage on different types of vehicles.

Why Vigor Air Suspension?

Vigor Air Suspensions is an innovative air suspension company focused on creating better solutions in the air suspension industry. We recognize the importance and reliance most people have on their vehicles. There is also security in knowing the vehicle you drive is running using only the top-performing parts. We provide car and truck owners with durable, high-quality air supply products, so they never have to worry about their vehicles again.

With twenty years of experience working on the manufacturing, testing and distribution of air spring products on all continents, Vigor has become a well-recognized contact in the international market. Through the many years Vigor has been operating, we have received countless positive customer reviews and have seen many with improved driving experiences. Our ability to work with and create parts for countless vehicle manufacturers has not only enhanced our experience but has also expanded how many customers we can reach.

We are always engaged in the constant process of perfecting contemporary engineering through planning, design, construction, final development, and product launch. Therefore we strive to provide products and services that live up to the highest automotive technology. We are a company that cares about what we provide and will only expect high quality before putting items on the shelf. This includes attention to details, down to materials that are included in the development and finalization processes. We are committed to excellence, and we act like it!
Vigor develops its own technology, increasing the efficiency and profitability of air spring equipment on multiple vehicle models. We are a company that puts its own technicians right in the centre of the product creation process, so we know how our products are meant to work and can quickly and efficiently solve technical issues or concerns. This gives it the ability to work just as well as any original spare parts.

Lexus Air Spring Suspension Information

The Rear Left Air Suspension Spring Bags and Rear Right Air Suspension Spring Bags (for Toyota 4Runner Lexus GX460 48090-60010), by Vigor Air Suspensions, will provide you with a true sense of what we mean when we mention our commitment to excellence, attention to details and why so many customers have positive experiences.

This air suspension product fits the Lexus GX460 2010-2019 model with ease. This air suspension is made of high-grade natural rubber. It significantly improves stability and reliability under varying loads. At the same time, it effectively improves ride comfort under difficult road conditions in addition to heavier loads.

Air spring bags prevent passengers from impact caused by physical collisions, greatly reducing the possibility of injury. Additionally, they are a great way to absorb vibrations, improving ride comfort and resulting vehicle movements from braking.

Further specifications include OEM: Left: 48090-60010 and Right: 48080-60010.

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