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Video   September 1, 2017   by Ad Ops

Jonathan Banks – Filter out the nonsense!

Fram Static

Any fan of “Breaking Bad” knows that Jonathan Banks plays the ultimate fixer. That made Banks the perfect choice to play the salty sage teaching the next generation of DIYers to do right by their cars in a new campaign from Fram Group.

The new campaign seizes on the insight that Millennials who change their own oil often look past perhaps the most important part – the oil filter. And with oil filters, there’s a cheap way and a right way. Enter “Frampa,” a crusty elder who helps the younger generation buy the right oil filter, the FRAM oil filter, for their cars.

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  1. Morning. I’ve sold and installed a lot of Fram oil filters in the last 40 years , never a problem . as a matter of fact I still stock over 50 part numbers. mike

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