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News   November 15, 2019   by Allan Janssen

Uni-Select set to launch new auto repair banner program

Bumper to Bumper Auto Service is designed to promote customer loyalty, and let service providers to stand out in their communities.

Uni-Select CEO Brent Windom announces the new Bumper To Bumper Auto Service banner program during Automotive Aftermarket Industry Week in Las Vegas last week.

Uni-Select CEO Brent Windom announced plans for a new national banner program for automotive service providers. The program — Bumper to Bumper Auto Service — is set to launch in the new year.

The program, described as the “next step in Bumper to Bumper’s evolution – will be designed to promote customer loyalty, and will allow service providers to stand out in their communities.

“Bumper to Bumper Auto Service will be our premium banner program for independent repair facilities across the country that we do business with, an opportunity for them to rebrand, and offer different value propositions for their customers,” he said.

“Our image strategy is going to be about professionalism and peace of mind for the consumer, but above all, when customers to the shop, they’ll find that they’re dealing with real people, the people they see when they go to church or to the hockey game, or to community events.”

Windom said the  program will offer service providers a wealth of marketing and business tools, and help Uni-Select building stronger relationships with its customers.

“Everything is driven by loyalty and commitment,” he said. “It is the same through our entire supply chain. It harmonizes the loyalty factor all the way from cradle to grave.”

The company’s existing banner, the legacy Uni-Pro program, will continue offering services to independent shops that choose not to rebrand.

He declined to say how many Bumper to Bumper Auto Service shops the company hopes to establish in the near term, but said he is optimistic it will resonate with forward-thinking shop owners.

“We know what great feels like,” he said. “We have over 2,300 shops who banner through us today, so we know that we’ll migrate a certain number of those who want to step up through the program and we certainly want to attract new customers as well.”


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