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News   October 7, 2020   by Allan Janssen

Turo, AVEQ partner to make EVs more popular in Quebec

Peer-to-peer car sharing platform Turo Canada has launched a partnership with Quebec Electric Vehicle Association (AVEQ) to promote further EV adoption in the province.

AVEQ members that register on Turo as hosts will be eligible to receive $250 when they make their first $250 through the platform.

“Since our early days at Turo, our mission has always been to build a sustainable business model that maximizes the existing pool of cars already available and reducing cars’ overall ecological footprint. With this new partnership with AVEQ, we are looking at boosting our existing extensive pool of electric vehicles on the platform and offer our members more options to choose from,” said Cédric Mathieu, vice president and head of Canada at Turo. “We believe that by making electric vehicles more accessible to Quebecers, we can also contribute to increasing adoption of electric cars in the province as more and more drivers have the chance to get behind the wheel.”

Simon-Pierre Rioux, president of the AVEQ, said availability is paramount to wider EV adoption.

“Our members know very well that experiencing an EV is the best way to bring a driver to consider the electric car as a desirable option for all their travel needs. So, with this partnership, we expect more EV models will be offered throughout the province by our members on Turo,” he said.

With its existing large pool of EV, Turo is at the forefront of the electrification of transportation:

Today, over 5% of listed vehicles on Turo in Quebec are EVs. That represents five times the provincial average of cars on the road today (1% of vehicles in Quebec are EV);