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Top 8 Mods You Should Do To Your Car


Have you ever wondered if there are ways to make your car better?

The truth is that everyone wants to have the best car they can have. After all, it’s a huge part of your life and most likely the greatest expense you’ll make as a young adult. That’s why there are mods that you can make to your car.

But what mods are there to make your car better? We’re here to give you a rundown of this article. Keep reading to learn more about the top 8 mods you can do to your car.

1. Hood Scoop

One of the best mods you can do to your car hood scoop is a hood scoop-mounted air ram. This addition brings a huge performance boost to your engine, and also drastically improves your car’s aerodynamics.

A hood scoop air ram should be mounted as close as possible to the intake, ensuring the most amount of air and less drag. Additionally, you can further improve performance by adding a roof or side scoop to increase airflow and give the engine more power.

If you are looking to significantly improve the power of your engine, you can also install an aftermarket induction kit, which increases air intake and allows your engine to make more power.

All of these modifications require expert installation, so be sure to have a professional mechanic do the work to ensure the best results.

2. Disk Brakes

Disk brakes are an important safety feature on any vehicle. They provide better stopping distance, fade resistance, and minimal maintenance compared to other types of brakes.

To fully take advantage of the power of disk brakes and maximize the life of your brakes, there are a few mods you should do to your car disk brakes. The first is upgrading the brake pads and calipers.

Installing a set of high-performance brake pads and calipers can give your car improved stopping power and extended life. The next mod is to change the brake fluid.

Brake fluid should be replaced every two or three years to maximize its performance. It should also be flushed with water to remove any impurities or water that has built up.

Finally, you should upgrade to larger rotors. Larger rotors will help you stop faster and provide better cooling for your brakes. By doing these mods to your car disk brakes, you can maximize the performance and life of your brakes for a safer drive.

3. Nitrous Oxide (NOS)

Nitrous oxide NOS systems are a great way to increase the power of your engine. They are simple, reliable, and relatively inexpensive. NOS systems inject nitrous oxide into the engine’s cylinders, which creates a higher cylinder pressure and a denser air/fuel mixture.

The NOS systems allow you to control the amount of nitrous entering the engine, allowing you to tailor the power increase to your particular needs. Installation of a NOS system requires a few modifications to your car.

Your fuel injectors may need to be upgraded to handle the added power as well as other nitrous-specific components such as a nitrous bottle, billet fuel rails, and a fuel pressure regulator.

Upgrading the intake, exhaust, and ignition system can also help the engine make better use of the extra power. With the right setup, you can make massive power gains with the NOS system.

4. Wheels or Tires

If you want to give your car wheels and tires an upgrade, there are several modifications that you should consider. First off, you should invest in a good set of tires suited for the type of driving you will be doing on a regular basis.

You should also look into upgrading the size of your wheels, as well as adding a specific type of wheel trim part to give your car a distinct look.

Also, you could look into better alloy wheels options, as alloy wheels are more resistant to corrosion and provide a more sporty aesthetic.

For extra protection for your tires and wheels and to keep them looking good, you should consider wheel alignment and balancing, as well as a tire rotation which will ensure the optimal performance of your wheels and tires. All of these mods will help your car look and perform its best.

5. Turbo and Superchargers

When considering mods for your car, turbo and superchargers are one of the most popular and effective. Installing a turbo or supercharger can give your engine additional power, improved acceleration, and better fuel efficiency.

To start, you’ll want to think about the type of turbo or supercharger that best meets your needs, such as a twin-scroll or variable geometry turbo. You’ll also want to consider the size of the turbo or supercharger you’ll need, based on the size of your engine.

You should also consider a stronger wastegate, which will help ensure that your boost levels stay within the manufacturers’ recommendations.

Finally, you may want to consider upgrading the air intake and exhaust systems, to ensure that the engine can take advantage of the power. This can ultimately result in improved engine performance, as well as a more pleasurable driving experience.

6. Side Skirts

Car side skirts are a great way to enhance your car’s aerodynamics, as well adding a more aggressive and stylish look. There are several mods you might want to do to your side skirts to make them look even more dynamic and to promote optimal airflow.

For example, you could adjust the angle of your side skirts to maximize aerodynamic performance. You could also fit your car with additional diffusers and splitters to reduce drag, as well as to provide more balance and stability while driving.

Additionally, a lot of car owners choose to equip their car side skirts with wings, scoops, and vents to help guide the air around the car. Lastly, you can also customize the color or finish of your side skirts to make them stand out even more and match the overall aesthetic of your car.

7. Control Arm Bushings

Control arm bushings are an important component of your car’s suspension system. They are rubber bushings that are designed to absorb impact and movement between the control arms and chassis.

There are several modifications that you can do to them to improve the performance of your car, such as replacing the stock bushings with heavier-duty and/or larger ones.

Doing this will provide an increase in stability, which can have a big impact on overall handling and ride quality. You can also stiffen or firm up the existing bushings with a high-performance rubber compound, which can increase steering response and reduce wheel hop.

You can add polyurethane or poly-graphite bushings, which are more durable and easier to maintain than stock bushings, making them ideal for performance-level cars. With a few simple mods to your car control arm bushings, you can get a noticeable improvement in your car’s suspension performance.

8. Front Camera

Adding a Front Camera to your car is one of the best mods you can do anytime. This device allows you to have a crystal clear view of the road ahead so you can avoid any potential hazards.

Plus, it comes with a wide-angle lens that gives you a better range of vision. Adding Tacoma exterior mods like this camera can improve your safety, save on gas, and avoid accidents. Not only can you better see what’s ahead, but you can also monitor your blind spot more easily. And the best part is that you can install this camera with ease using basic tools and the included mount and wiring kit.

For added convenience, you can also have it connected to a rearview mirror or a display screen mounted on the dash. So, anytime you’re thinking of upgrading your car with the latest mod, consider adding an Anytime Front Camera for improved safety and convenience.

By making these modifications, you can make your car look and perform better than ever before. Get out there and upgrade your car – it’ll be worth it! 

Make sure you research thoroughly before making any modifications and make sure the mods you choose are legal and safe.

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  1. Terry Storey says:

    I think there was a huge error in the authors opinion in “8 mods to improve your car” in the brake category it is recommended that the brake fluid be flushed with WATER to remove impurities. I know any sane mechanic would use the proper brake fluid for this procedure but there are those with less knowledge that could get themselves into trouble blindly following some wrong information.

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