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News   March 3, 2023   by Auto Service World Staff

Top 5 Reasons to Rent a Car for a Trip to Orlando with Friends

Travels always bring countless adventures and plenty of special moments, especially if we speak about road trips. Traveling gives you unforgettable life-changing experiences that you’ll gladly remember and keep in your memory box for many years. You are the luckiest person if you can share this experience with your family or friends and dive into these warm memories all together afterwards.

Why to choose Orlando for the vacation? This unbelievable city can satisfy all your needs and desires concerning the craziest and the most sophisticated weekend ever. The number of activities in Orlando is just countless. The variety of things to do will easily satisfy all types of temperaments and suit all budgets. Here you’ll definitely find the right place you are looking for to get the most exciting impressions. 

Why choose a trip to Orlando with friends in a rented car? At first sight, it seems logical not to pay extra money and avoid numerous troubles connected with picking out a rental car. However, you can always consider cheap cars for rent at NU car rental Orlando and become a boss of your trip for little expenses.

Thus, travelers choosing public transportation to get around while their journeys are always caught up in some activities and lose many benefits provided by rented cars, as these offers simply aren’t available with other means of transport. Therefore, sometimes it’s better to pay a little more to rent a car Orlando and get a great adventurous road trip to Orlando with your friends. 

So, if the main aim of your journey is not exploring local public transport or you are not going to move your car to another continent, consider renting a vehicle, in particular  Orlando cars for rent. Before you start listing all the possible troubles and expenses connected with renting a car, let us consider some reasons why it is actually a perfect idea.

  • Rent a Car as a Group Share Fees and Save Money 

Traveling solo from the financial point of view, it’s obvious you should better use public transportation. Nevertheless, on a family and group vacation there is a question of what would be more economical. Thus, a group of friends or the family can quickly rack up a solid bill using taxis and buses. Why not rent an appropriate vehicle and travel comfortably and independently through some memorable places accompanied with laughter and music for the same money. Renting a car is usually the most cost-efficient choice when traveling to Orlando with friends. 

  • Get More Out of Travel Due to Rented Car

When traveling abroad, we usually are pressed for time and try to experience as many local sights and activities as possible. It’s hard to realize moving on public transport. So, it’s worth it to rent a car not to end up cutting things you really want to try out because of lack of time. Renting a car you get rid of unwanted time planning, organizing and other numerous disadvantages of public transportation. Thus, you don’t have to wait in lines, make unnecessary stops along the way to your different destinations. Renting a vehicle while traveling, however, provides the needed time, freedom and convenience for the most planned excursions and adventures without all the added stress of necessity to find your way around. Rented car allows you to move at your own pace and stop whenever you want to visit interesting places hassle-free. 

  • Be in Charge While Your Journey

When you rent a car, you are fully responsible for your route – you can change it or slow down if you like. Driving your private vehicle gives you much flexibility and allows you explore not hackneyed touristic routes, but something new and authentic. They say that every adventurer is persuaded: the best paths are the ones less traveled. You can finally relax and sleep in for a change. 

  • Pack Everything You Want

Rented car gives you another advantage – you can pack everything you need and don’t have to cut off the list of things you can take with you. Just take a car with a spacious trunk and don’t worry about the size of your luggage. Besides such travels are usually quite handy – traveling in an individual vehicle you can constantly keep your essentials at hand. 

  • Have fun While Road Trips

Going to some unknown place allows letting loose and trying something new. It’s a great chance to be transformed into someone else. So during the next vacation instead of your sensible home car take something unusual – surprise your friends. Mind that any road trip with your best friends will be more fun and memorable if you’ll go by a private vehicle.


So, coming to Orlando people get countless options to choose from for getting around the city. There are dozens of official taxi companies, developed bus systems and the I-Ride Trolley serving popular attractions around the city. But still due to the above said most visitors choose renting a car and never regret.