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News   May 30, 2023   by Auto Service World

The Top 10 Ways to Promote Your Auto Club in 2023

Auto clubs are some of the most prestigious and intriguing niche clubs in the US. However, if you want to attract new members to your auto club in 2023, you have to get creative and specific with your efforts. With this in mind, here are the top ten ways to promote your auto club in 2023: 

1. Promotional Marketing Item Giveaway

If you want to attract new members, giving them a free gift via a promotional marketing campaign is sure to help generate leads. Offer branded hand fans that showcase your logo, contact info, and information about your auto club to prospective members, and they’ll be much more likely to look into joining your auto club.

2. A Brand-New Newsletter

Nothing can help your auto club look revamped and reenergized quite like a brand-new newsletter design. The new layout will also serve to make existing auto club members feel newly fired up about the club’s identity and activities. This will help them to feel inspired about getting new members to join your auto cul in 2023 and will make the community feel more vibrant than ever before. 

3. New-Member Exclusives

Clubs can make new members feel more welcome by offering new-member exclusive promo items, perks, or membership rates. Joining a new auto club can be intimidating for some, especially if they’ve never joined a club before, so showing that you understand this can go a long way. After all, you want your new members to feel appreciated and welcome from the word “go.”

4. Advertising at Car Shows

To attract people to auto clubs, you need to target areas that are filled to the brim with car lovers. Targeted marketing and outreach is always more effective than broad efforts, especially when it comes to niche services and clubs. Many car shows will have ads placed for several auto clubs, however, so be sure to find ways to make your auto club stand out from the crowd in 2023. 

5. A Refurbished Website

Old, clunky websites are bad for business (and for attracting people to clubs). After all, if your online space seems as though it’s from the early 2000s, people will assume that your club has not grown since that time period. By showcasing yourself as modern, and ever-evolving, people will trust that your club has a lot to offer them over the next few years. If you’re looking to attract younger demographics to your auto club, this strategy will become that much more important to execute successfully. 

6. Advertising on Local Hobby Boards

For most auto clubs, staying local is a source of pride. If this fits the bill of your auto club’s ethos, then you need to start thinking locally to attract new auto club members. Local hobby boards are a great place to start your search. From classic sites like Craigslist to more niche hobby boards, there are plenty of places to advertise and promote your auto club successfully on today’s web. 

7. Promote with a Local Insurance Company

Auto club members are sure to be in the market for quality, local insurance. With this in mind, advertising your local auto club with a local insurance company becomes an absolute no-brainer. You can even offer an incentive to the insurance company that will make them keener to highlight your auto club to new and returning customers. Even if you’re simply hanging up a flyer at the insurance company’s office (or placing an ad on their website), your efforts will be well worth the time you put into them. 

8. Offer Referral Gifts for Current Members

If you offer referral gifts to current members that recruit fresh blood, you’ll energize your recruitment efforts while simultaneously making your club feel more prideful and respectable. This is a one-two-punch method that’s great for auto clubs that can afford to offer high-class, high-value referral gifts. 

9. Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Social media marketing remains one of the best outreach tools available to today’s generation of auto club owners. If you target local prospects in social media spaces, you’ll be more likely to reach out to people who have a proven interest in your auto club’s niche culture, after all. The fact that social media marketing can be done for very little money in 2023 makes it that much more attractive. 

10. Rebranding Your Club’s Image

Finally, rebranding the image and (actual brand) of your auto club is a great way to generate hype. Looking new, energized, and ready to expand will help people feel more excited about the idea of joining your auto club, after all. The more effort you put into the rebrand, the more likely it will be to generate new auto club members in 2023.

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