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News   July 21, 2023   by Auto Service World Staff

The Most Realistic Driving Sims on the Market


The need for speed is one of life’s most difficult cravings. No matter how much time a fan spends poring over the latest auto design publications, trade magazines, and other automotive content, they’re not likely to ever have the chance to drive a McLaren or a Ducati. 

That’s where the magic of gaming comes in. Since the first arcade titles were released in the 1970s and 80s, driving has been a primary focus. Over time, gaming mechanics and physics have improved, as have gaming equipment and technology. In other words, the driving category of games has never been more enjoyable or varied.

There are racing games designed for smartphones, including series like F1 Mobile Racing and more recreational titles like Mario Kart Tour. There are tons of crossover hits, too, including the popular eSports title Rocket League. This ‘vehicular combat sports simulation’ takes players into a soccer-racing mashup. 

Even in terms of slot games, there are racing titles for players to explore. For example, those focusing on RTP, which stands for return-to-player rate, can find multiple racing slots offering over 95% RTP. These include titles like Drive: Multiplier Mayhem and Wild Chase Tokyo. For fans of short-form games, these slots take players straight into high-speed action.

But what about the category of racing simulations? Unlike the titles listed above, these are focused on replicating the real-life experience of stepping behind the wheel of a powerful vehicle. Taking notes from publications like The Gamer and Game Rant, here are our top suggestions.


Special Note: iRacing

Even auto fans who haven’t played on an Xbox before or understand how PC gaming works have probably heard one name in the racing game category: iRacing. This platform popped up back in 2008 and was far ahead of its time. Today, it remains the gold standard in terms of hardcore simulations. 

That’s because iRacing doesn’t just allow players to use a controller to drive a virtual vehicle. Instead, the platform is designed to allow gamers to create a hardware setup that closely mirrors an actual vehicle, including peripherals like steering wheels, pedals, gear shifters, and much more. It not only simulates digital driving, but the sensation of being in a car.

Keep in mind that the iRacing platform is best for PC gamers and runs on a subscription basis that can get a bit pricey. And though it’s the gold standard in terms of simulations, the learning curve is quite steep. For many auto fans, the games listed below will be easier to start exploring immediately.


MotoGP 2021

Motorsport fans were treated to a wildly playable new title in 2021 with MotoGP’s latest release. The project includes over 100 professional riders and over 20 different tracks used for official races. Both aspects lend a high degree of realism, along with the game’s multiple mode features. Managerial Career mode lets players take a more measured and back-room approach to long-term success. However, they can also step into crew positions, too, including Chief Engineer—which is a direction few racing sims have gone in before.


DiRT Rally (Original and 2.0)

For fans of offroading, there’s no better option than the DiRT Rally series (though its second installation is often considered difficult). Players can choose from 30 different cars. From there, they’re able to sample real-world off-roading tracks, from Wales to Colorado. The game also mirrors a real-life rally season, including six rallies and dozens of stages. As they advance, players are able to improve and repair their cars.


rFactor 2

Along with iRacing, rFactor 2 is highly regarded by auto fans who enjoy diving into the details and minutiae of each car. In fact, this video game is directly informed by the data and information from rFpro, which is a driving simulation software used to train NASCAR and F1 drivers—along with their manufacturers. 

The result is a highly realistic simulation that lets players drive any type of multi-wheeled car from any era. With an emphasis on physics and suspension, the degree of pragmatism in this game is absolutely unmatched.

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