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News   June 30, 2023   by Adam Malik

The jobs created by electrification

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The transition to electric vehicles will create several jobs across a number of industries, according to a recent report.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics released a report looking at how the EV transition is expected to create new occupations and transform existing ones. Notably, computer and engineering jobs will play pivotal roles as electric vehicles are developed and grow in market share.

Naturally, automotive service technicians are facing massive change as these workers will need to adapt to the new technology and learn how to repair and maintain EVs.

Beyond that, however, the industry will need to lean on the expertise of other professions, some that may not have typically been involved in automotive, the agency said in the report Charging into the Future: The Transition to Electric Vehicles.

For example, electricians will be called upon to install and maintain charging stations. Furthermore, these professionals will be needed to upgrade electrical systems to accommodate increased demand from EVs.

Furthermore, electrical engineers will play a key role in developing EV electric systems and parts, including the motor. Electronic engineers will be called on to design electric vehicle control systems. That can range from infotainment system to the electronics that enable advanced driver safety systems and battery management systems.

Software developers will be called upon to create and maintain the software systems that control EVs and charging infrastructure as EVs become more connected and reliant on software.

Urban and regional planners will be needed to map out the best places for charging infrastructure.

“Planners play a key role in determining the charging station needs in each community as well as the efficient placement of chargers across a geographical area, by considering factors such as convenience for drivers and proximity to other charging units,” the report said.

The battery manufacturing sector is expected to see a surge in employment, the agency observed. New jobs, from production workers assembling batteries to supervisors to managers overseeing the financial operations of the plant are some examples.

“The two largest occupations employed in the industry are electrical, electronic, and electromechanical assemblers; and miscellaneous assemblers and fabricators, which include team assemblers,” the report said.

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