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News   June 26, 2018   by Adam Malik

Summer’s here, so take a load off: Greenwood’s Garage

Summer has officially arrived and it’s time to take a break.

Does that sound strange? Perhaps, but you’d be surprised what can happen if you take advantage of the good weather, says Bob Greenwood in the latest episode of Greenwood’s Garage: The Summer Months Begin!

Use the time to put the business in the back of your mind – but not out – and be sure to put your feet up. You may have your best thinking moments when you do that.

“I have had many holidays where I have heard of an exciting idea or something gave me an angle to create a solution to a problem,” Greenwood says.

Use the days to look after your body, he adds. Oh, and ditch the tie for the next two months as well.

Find out how you can use the summer months to your advantage in the latest episode of Greenwood’s Garage: The Summer Months Begin!

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