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News   December 4, 2017   by Adam Malik

Stant’s new valve targets plug-ins

Stant introduced its new fuel management isolation valve, designed as a solution for plug-in hybrid electric vehicles’ pressurized fuel system isolation.

The announcement was made at the Tank Tech conference in Munich, Germany recently. John Long, Stant’s global director of engineering, vapor management products, made the announcement and presentation at the conference.

Stant said it’s the only supplier that produces all major vapour management components within the fuel system. Its fuel management isolation valve uses the flow management valve with added coil as a means to actuate a bleed valve. The bleed valve, signaled by the operator that refueling operation is desired, allows the diaphragm to open and depressurize the system. Stant said its fuel management isolation valve is smaller, using almost half of the amount of copper to produce the equivalent function when compared to other designs. This results in an overall mass reduction in size through the unique method of opening valve main diaphragm seal by small pilot bleed.

“We were thrilled to be able to introduce our new fuel management isolation valve at Tank Tech,” said Tim King, senior vice president of global sales for Stant Corporation.

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