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Sports cars that you can afford

There are sports cars that you can definitely afford. What sports cars are relatively low-cost? Here's a list of the most available models in 2024. A brief description of each sports car, its main characteristics, key features, advantages, and disadvantages.

Everyone who has driven it at least once dreams of a sports car. These vehicles attract attention with their stylish appearance, excellent speed characteristics and pleasant handling. Most of these models are expensive, so they become available only to a select few. However, looking hard enough, you can find several exciting sports cars anyone can afford.

Toyota GR Supra

This famous sports car is considered one of the best in quality and affordability. It represents the fifth-generation Supra model, which Toyota began producing with the “GR” prefix. BMW specialists took an active part in the development of this car. Moreover, the Bavarians also manufactured many parts of a relatively inexpensive sports car. Maybe that’s why the GR Supra turned out to be of such high quality.

The inexpensive sports car is equipped with a 3-liter six-cylinder engine. It has a power of 382 hp. and enables the GR Supra to reach speeds of 155 mph. These are far from record figures, but they are practically a record for a relatively small car. The vehicle has different gearboxes. Automatic is the priority option among young people, and manual is among classic lovers. Among other features of the GR Supra, experts highlight how it handles very well even when driving at maximum speed. This is easily explained by the small dimensions of the car and its low seating position.

The sports car has no problems with its appearance. Smooth transitions between different parts of the vehicle provide excellent aerodynamics and create the image of an elegant car suitable for all occasions. Despite the relatively low price, many prefer to buy not a new one but a crashed Supra. This option makes getting a fantastic sports car possible for very little money. After an inexpensive restoration, it will be like new and can become a reliable partner for its owner for many years.

Ford Mustang

Finding a more recognizable sports car is impossible than the Ford Mustang. This model appeared back in 1964, but its production does not stop in our time. Over the past 60 years, seven generations of the legendary car have been released, each of which deserves attention. In modern realities, using outdated versions of the Ford Mustang is not practical, so the 2023 modification is considered the most affordable today. For such a car, you will have to pay tens of thousands of dollars, a minimal amount compared to analogs from other manufacturers. If you buy a Mustang at used car auctions, you can save even more.

The model began production in 2023 and has a 2.3-liter EcoBoost engine. It is distinguished by more economical fuel consumption and reduced emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere. The power of this unit is 315 hp. The car can accelerate to 145 mph and remain controllable at maximum speeds thanks to the excellent engine performance and good aerodynamics. On the 2023 Mustang, manufacturers install six-speed and ten-speed transmissions (manual and automatic, respectively). Among other essential nuances of the famous sports car, there is an unusual design and a high degree of safety. The latter is provided by various modern systems, which the vehicle is replete with.

Mazda MX-5 Miata

The famous Mazda MX-5, known as the Miata in North America, is considered one of the best two-seat sports cars. This model is characterized by its relatively low cost and availability in most countries. The first generation of this car was released in 1989. Currently, the most popular models are Gen IV. They are equipped with a 2-liter four-cylinder engine producing 160 hp. Its capabilities are enough to accelerate a sports car to 135 mph.

The MX-5 Miata is the most compact car possible. Thanks to this, it has excellent handling and the ability to take sharp turns at high speed. Despite its small dimensions, the model boasts a spacious interior where two people will feel comfortable. Designers consider the interior design to be a little outdated, but it is a standard for lovers of the classics. Unlike some predecessors, the IV generation MX-5 Miata has a hard top. This positively affects the aerodynamic properties but does not allow users to remove the roof on a sunny and warm day.

The Mazda MX-5 has many status awards. They once again prove the quality of the sports car and its uniqueness. Moreover, regarding safety and efficiency, this model is ahead of most similar vehicles other well-known manufacturers produce. Of course, we shouldn’t forget the pleasure of driving such a car. Once behind the wheel of a Miata, you’ll want to experience that same feeling every day. The cost of the Mazda MX-5 varies widely and depends on the selected configuration. Most often, it does not exceed 20-25 thousand dollars. At the same time, this model can be purchased even cheaper at an auction of used and wrecked cars. After restoration, the vehicle’s condition will be closer to its original condition to serve its owner for a long time.

Chevrolet Camaro

This American-made sports car initially seems expensive and inaccessible. However, it is enough to consider its price to be convinced of the opposite. When new, this model will cost a little over 30 thousand dollars; when used or damaged (at auction), it will cost several times less. The best combination of quality and affordability today is the VI generation Camaro. This sports car combines an attractive appearance and excellent speed characteristics.

Manufacturers install four types of engines on the Chevrolet Camaro. The most powerful (6.2-liter V8) can produce 659 hp, one of the best figures among all relatively inexpensive sports cars. Thanks to the power plant’s power, this model accelerates to 198 mph and can easily maintain this speed for an extended period. Even cheaper is the Camaro with a 3.6-liter V6 engine. It, of course, is inferior in terms of maximum performance to the previously mentioned V8 but still holds the bar high. All sports car models are equipped with 6, 8, and 10-speed gearboxes of various types.

Reliability is not the Chevrolet Camaro’s strong suit, but it is considered the safest car possible. The 2012 version became the first model in NHTSA testing history to receive perfect marks on all evaluation criteria. The VI generation modification under consideration has almost the same safety indicators. The only star removed for frontal collisions does not spoil the overall picture.

Subaru BRZ

In many respects, Subaru cannot compete on equal terms with some well-known Japanese manufacturers. In this regard, it always tries to offer consumers the maximum for the minimum amount. Thanks to this approach, everyone can purchase an inexpensive BRZ sports car. This model was produced in 2012, but its most current version was made in 2013. Although this car is a little outdated, it is not much inferior to more modern models from the same budget price category.

The BRZ is powered by a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that produces 200 hp. Its capabilities allow you to accelerate to 140 mph without spending much time on starting acceleration. A 6-speed gearbox (manual or automatic) makes it possible to choose the optimal speed for each specific case. In any situation, the driver will feel complete control over the vehicle and will not experience discomfort while driving.

The Subaru BRZ has a low stance and good aerodynamics. Experts also consider its excellent interior design and various security systems among its strengths. The latter maximizes the car’s NHTSA rating and makes it in demand among fans of high-speed driving.

Anyone can afford to buy a good sports car. Even people who do not have substantial financial resources will be able to find a suitable model that is as fast, reliable, and controllable as its super-expensive counterpart. Once behind the wheel of such a vehicle, you can forget about your affairs and fully experience the actual speed.

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