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News   April 19, 2018   by The Canadian Press

Techs get pink slip after speedy test drive

A pair of technicians at a Winnipeg garage have been fired after a dash camera caught them swearing, speeding and mocking a customer’s culture during a road test to check his vehicle’s performance.

At one point the three-minute video captured last Friday appears to show the vehicle being driven more than 80 kilometres an hour on a residential street with a posted speed limit of 50.

The video was posted online by the unnamed customer, who told CTV News via email he didn’t complain directly to the garage.

Shop owner Kevin Kaniuga was made aware of the posting last Fridaythe day before the technicians were fired.

Kaniuga says he was lost for words when he saw what the two had done.

The customer has not filed a complaint with police, who say they will only investigate incidents that have been reported to them.

“The remarks and actions that we saw in that video were just not anything to do with (the garage). Our policies are trust to our customers. I was totally lost for words,” said Kaniuga. “To go over the speed limit was not necessary.”

Kaniuga said he’s tried to apologize to the customer but so far his calls have gone unanswered.

“If he’s watching this, I am truly sincerely sorry.”

It is the second recent port of inappropriate test-drive behaviour. You can read the other HERE.


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4 Comments » for Techs get pink slip after speedy test drive
  1. Jared says:

    The technicians should make the apology, the shop owner did what was available to him, but he didn’t commit the offense.

  2. Had a customer tell me a similar story about his MB service at a Toronto dealership. First point was that he was charged 1.5 hrs for a transmission service that he knew only took 15 minutes (dash cam proved it) and then the tech took the car to Tim’s for a ice coffee, but didn’t bother cleaning up the mess in the cup holder, which was the tip off that something was not right.
    If you do have to drive faster than the posted speed, I’ve found that the police are pretty good, provided you have the work order in the car to prove that you are on a test drive.

    Watch out for dash cams.

  3. Bob Ward says:

    This should be a wake up call for all shop owners. Our employees represent our businesses so their conduct should be exemplary. The customer is typical of today’s people. They should have contacted the shop owner first and had the situation handled. Instead they chose a more “sensational” route to cause more grief on the shop owner. This ism becoming more prominent today. The media is looking for stories like this unfortunately. Regular meetings with staff outlining repercussions from bad behavior are even more important today.

  4. Brian Browning says:

    Though totally inappropriate behavior is not to be condoned, racism, coffee stops. Part of the job is to road test the customers vehicle to diagnose an issue. All of us know that this some times involves what might be construed as hooliganism by the general public. Weaving a car to check that wheel bearing noise. Acceleration misfire. Wheel balance issues. Bedding in brakes or checking for vibration. Noises. These all have to be done on city streets with other traffic. It’s 15 minutes from my shop just to get to where we can get a vehicle up to speed or clear traffic, and even there we have to go a tad faster than the limit to determine some issues. Do I add an hour of diagnostic time to each work order for each road test? Maybe I need to.

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