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News   November 15, 2018   by Adam Malik

Spectra launches new production line

Spectra Premium is now using a new charge air cooler (CAC) production line that features new grommet-style technology. Grommets replace the brazed tube to header joints, giving a more durable heavy-duty part for truck applications.

“Thanks to the efforts of our product development team, Spectra Premium now proposes a longer-lasting charge air cooler solution for fleet management that reduces truck downtime,” said Jason Best, senior vice-president, aftermarket at Spectra Premium.

CACs are subjected to thermal stress which, in time, leads to tube to header cracks causing leaks. The grommet construction style adds high-quality silicon joints to allow more movement and flexibility to the CAC core. Giving the tubes the room to freely expand and contract reduces stress on the core, resulting in a more durable heavy-duty part.

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