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News   May 24, 2018   by Adam Malik

Season 2 of Greenwood’s Garage has arrived

The second season of Greenwood’s Garage is here as Bob Greenwood has more advice and business building tips to make your shop a success.

But he also wants to hear from you. Got a question or need direction? Just ask Bob and he’ll answer. Click the image above or here to watch the video and leave your question in the comment box below. As new videos come out over the upcoming season, feel free to leave feedback and ask followup questions.

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2 Comments » for Season 2 of Greenwood’s Garage has arrived
  1. Hi Mr. Greenwood,

    My name is Larry Mitton, O/A Larry’s Auto and Truck Repair in Mississauga. Bob, after 38 years my wife and I want to slow down a little and be able to work more ON the business than IN the business. We have decided to take on a Service Advisor/ Service Manager but cannot come up with a good compensation package to offer. I think a basic salary with a commission package should work but we have not ever done this and are reaching out for suggestions on how to make this work. Any help would be much appreciated.


    Larry Mitton
    Larry’s Auto and Truck Repair
    3344 Mavis Road
    Mississauga, ON
    L5C 1T8

  2. I just watched denial video. What do you mean we are transitioning from a preventative maintenance model to service on demand model?
    P.S.Do you think we should be watching the OEMs for customer experience or other industries?
    Cheers, again!

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