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News   October 29, 2018   by Adam Malik

Schrader to give TPMS training at AAPEX

TPMS manufacturer Schrader Performance Sensors will have its senior technical lead, W Rippetoe give insights and training around the sensor technology and best practices.

The first will be on Oct. 30 at TIA’s TPMS at 10 at SEMA South Hall, S115 at 10 a.m. He will highlight Schrader’s OE TPMS trailer technology that is currently available on the market. Rippetoe will also include an explanation of the basic functionalities of TPMS for trailer, features and benefits, as well as best practices during service.

The next day, he will be at AAPEX as part if the Let’s Tech program at 2 p.m. showcasing Schrader’s 90-degree EZ-sensor technology. Rippetoe will touch on the various applications for sensors as well as installation details, including programmability.

On AAPEX’s last day on Nov. 1, Rippetoe will be back at the Let’s Tech stage at 10 a.m. to discuss TPMS best practices, covering the basics of servicing TPMS. This presentation will include topics such as the importance of conducting a “Test Before Touch” procedure before every TPMS service, replacing service kits, programming, relearning, customer engagement and more.

No registration is required to attend these events.