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News   June 23, 2020   by Allan Janssen

Q2 sees increase in delayed maintenance: IMR

The coronavirus pandemic seems to have interrupted a trend toward more timely vehicle maintenance in the United States.

According to Illinois-based data company IMR Inc., 20.1% of those surveyed postponed needed vehicle service in Q2 of 2020. It’s the first uptick in the rate of delayed maintenance since his firm started tracking it in 2016.

IMR Inc. president Bill Thompson said the rate of delayed maintenance has slowly declined quarter over quarter from nearly 23.6% of vehicles in early 2016, down to 17.6% in Q1 2020.

“That steady decline in delayed maintenance was clearly interrupted as we entered Q2 2020 with the shelter-in place orders and as we watched miles driven plummet,” he said.

Each quarter, IMR interviews 25,000 households about how they’ve serviced and maintained all the vehicles in their household and, equally as important, what service, maintenance and repairs they know their vehicles need but intentionally have not performed.

The rise in delayed maintenance represents, approximately 8.5 million additional vehicles from the prior quarter that have knowingly put off a service or repair.

Among those who have delayed maintenance, 31.4% say they’re opting to be DIYers when the time comes to make the repair/perform the service.

Service categories that are most often neglected include:

Oil Change

Tires (New)

Battery (Car)

Scheduled Maintenance

Brake Shoes/Pads

Brake Discs/Rotors/Drums

Air Filter

Other Collision, Paint or Body Repairs

Major/Minor Paint Work

Wiper Blades

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