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‘A drive to serve’: Aftermarket loses Dale Devlin
January 25, 2019 by Adam Malik

It has been a tough start to the year for the automotive aftermarket in Canada. Another friend and leader of the industry has died. Dale Devlin died Jan. 21 surrounded by his family. He was the owner of Halton Automotive

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‘Brake Weekend’
May 8, 2018 by Danielle Oswald

The first-ever “Brake Weekend- The Gathering of Brake Experts” presented by the Brake Manufacturers Council (BMC), a product council of the Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers Association (AASA), and the Friction Materials Standards Institute (FMSI), will celebrate the automotive brake industry. True

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‘It’s bad:’ Oshawa digests ‘devastating’ GM plant closure
November 27, 2018 by Colin Perkel, The Canadian Press

Shell-shocked GM workers streamed into the rain and chill wind after their union sent them home on Monday amid word that their plant would be closing by the end of 2019, dealing a blow to a city and region once

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‘Measure of stability’ returns to auto industry: DesRosiers
September 1, 2020 by Allan Janssen

New light vehicle sales in August, as estimated by DesRosiers Automotive Consultants, were down 8.9% from August 2019 levels. Sales reached an estimated total of 165,837 units sold in August 2020, down from the estimated 182,040 units sold in the

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‘Mixed and unstable’ new vehicle sales in August: DesRosiers
September 24, 2020 by Allan Janssen

DesRosiers Automotive Consultants (DAC) estimates 165,837 new light vehicle sold in Canada during the month of August. It was a month, says DAC managing partner Andrew King, that saw “mixed and unstable provincial performance across the country.” The same could

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‘People really like’ your shop’s contactless service
October 19, 2021 by Adam Malik

Perhaps given the big push needed by the COVID-19 pandemic, many automotive repair and service shops implemented contactless touchpoints for consumers. And it seems that many customers are happy their shops did. Initiatives like contactless service, remote service, online service

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‘Pervasive’ auto body shop scams found by insurance company
March 12, 2018 by Adam Malik

Workers at auto body shops deliberately damaged cars, installed used parts but billed for new ones, or invoiced for phantom repairs, according to an investigation by a Canadian insurer that is calling on government to help in curbing the problem.

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‘Repair It Right’ issues rallying cry for industry unity
October 10, 2019 by Allan Janssen

Organizers and supporters of the new “Repair It Right” program issued a rallying cry for industry unity on Tuesday night. About 35 people – representing provincial and national associations, parts distributors, manufacturers, repair chains, and industry trade publications – were asked

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‘Ridiculous proposals’ seen as way to kill NAFTA
October 10, 2017 by Mike Blanchfield, The Canadian Press

Call it the art of the non-deal. As the fourth round of talks in the North American Free Trade Agreement renegotiation begins this week near Washington, a consensus is growing that a series of untenable U.S. bargaining positions is part

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‘Sharp and accelerated improvement’ for Canadian manufacturing: survey
October 2, 2020 by Allan Janssen

September data signalled a sharp and accelerated improvement in overall operating conditions across the Canadian manufacturing sector. A robust rise in new work helped to boost output levels further and stimulate job creation. As a result, panel members reported a

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‘Shocktober’ shock promotion is back
September 20, 2017 by Allan Janssen

Tenneco Automotive has launched its annual “Shocktober” consumer promotion, designed to allow performance enthusiasts to save a little money while upgrading their shocks and struts. During the promotion, qualifying two- and four-product purchases of Rancho performance suspension and shocks will earn buyers

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‘Stable’ October car sales in Canada: DesRosiers
November 5, 2019 by Allan Janssen

DesRosiers Automotive Consultants reports stable light vehicle sales in Canada last month. There were approximately 160,216 units sold, down 0.6% from October 2018 when 161,125 units were sold. Although passenger car sales fell 14.8%, a 5.0% increase in light truck

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‘They’re coming:’ Flying cars on the horizon
December 19, 2018 by Christopher Reynolds, The Canadian Press

The flying cars depicted in science fiction classics such as “Blade Runner” and “The Fifth Element” have long been seen as flights of fancy, but their arrival is closer than you think. At least a dozen companies are prototyping or

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‘This is not a friendly industry for women’
January 11, 2022 by Adam Malik

Shops are not female-friendly and haven’t been for decades. In the face of a massive technician shortage, the industry needs to change its image to appeal more to a broader talent base, a group of female shop leaders advised. During

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‘Visualizer’ shows vehicle enhancements before they’re installed
October 25, 2019 by Allan Janssen

Keystone Automotive Operations has added a custom vehicle “visualizer” into its popular web portal, Described as “the perfect complimentary sales tool for jobbers, dealerships, and accessory manufacturers,” Interactive Garage allows them to demonstrate to their customers exactly how selected

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10 ways to wow your clients in the latest episode of Greenwood’s Garage
September 25, 2018 by Adam Malik

The client experience matters. No doubt that many shops are going through tough times these days. Are you stopping to think, rather than react? “The most effective way for management to deal with challenging times is to stop, take a