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News   August 28, 2023   by Adam Malik

ProMaxx releases new air-hammer-powered fuel injector puller kits

In an effort to help automotive service technicians shorten repair times on Ford 6.7L Power Stroke and GM Duramax 6.6L engines, ProMaxx Tool introduced two new PowerPull Fuel Injector Puller Kits.

The Base Kit and ProKit Plus versions include an air-hammer-powered punch rod to pop injectors free. Because these solutions do not require unnecessary time bolting and unbolting from the cylinder head, they drastically shorten repair times.

The Base Kit and ProKit Plus versions of both models boast a groundbreaking design featuring an 8mm dimple in the lift kit fork to accommodate an included air-hammer-powered punch. The punch concentrates the force and vibration of the air hammer to vibrate and shock the fuel injector out.

The ProKit and ProKit Plus versions include a six-inch slide hammer that produces power by attaching directly to the fuel line port, in line with the injector, delivering immediate impact.

“The new PowerPull Fuel Injector Puller kits for Ford and GM represent a shift in injector removal technology,” said Jeffrey Del Rossa, founder of ProMAXX Tool. “I believe we’ve developed the world’s first air-hammer assisted fuel injector puller that incorporates the power of harmonic vibration with the linear pulling power of our unique jack screw. The new versions with air-hammer assist are the fastest and most powerful on the market, making tough fuel injectors and eliminating cylinder head removal a thing of the past.”

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