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Chassis line expansion


Mevotech has introduced 50 new parts to its catalogue of chassis parts.

The part introductions expand coverage of Mevotech’s Supreme and TTX: Terran Tough Xtreme brands.

Mevotech Supreme adds 31 new parts, with 22 of them featuring engineered enhancements that are application-specific and feature 11 first‐to‐market parts including the front lower control arm and ball joint assemblies for the 2016‐2018 Honda Civic.

TTX line adds chassis parts including 8 control arms, 4 tie rod ends, and 3 ball joints, most notably, the front upper control arm and ball joint assemblies for the 2004-2018 Ford F-150.

“Mevotech continues to focus on building better parts for the aftermarket suspension,” said Brian Rossi, vice president of engineering for Mevotech. “An aftermarket suspension is very different than a vehicle that’s fresh from a new car dealer lot. This is why technicians rely on Mevotech’s innovative engineered designs for their undercar repairs.”