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News   February 20, 2023   by Autoserviceworld Staff

Prioritize Cyclist Safety With These 5 Car Safety Features


Picture: Eduardo Enrietti 

Many car safety features included as standard in new vehicles today are designed to protect the occupants in the event of an accident. However, drivers aren’t the only road users in need of protection. Bicyclists and pedestrians can also be at risk of collisions and are at an increased risk of injuries due to a lack of external protection. If you’re worried about everyone’s safety on the road, not just your own, ensure your car has some of the following safety features. 

Blind Spot Detection

Bicycle accident lawyers from law firms like Blumenshine Law meet with countless injured bicyclists involved in accidents with drivers who didn’t see them in their blind spots. You might reduce the risk of missing pedestrians and cyclists in your blind spots if you invest in blind spot detection technology. 

Vehicles with this technology have cameras, radar systems, or sensors to detect potential obstacles near the parts of the car you don’t always see with your own eyes. When alerted to something in your blind spot, you might be better positioned to avoid it and prevent an accident. 

Cross-Traffic Alerts

A cross-traffic alert warning system is a brilliant form of technology that alerts drivers to pedestrians, cyclists, and other vehicles approaching them from the front or rear while in reverse. If you’re reversing out of a parking space with impacted visibility, you can use this technology as an extra set of eyes. However, it’s important not to rely on technology alone. Always walk around your vehicle before reversing to be aware of all possible hazards and obstacles. 

Lane Departure Warning Systems

Most motorists understand the importance of keeping their eyes on the road. Still, there might come a time when something else grabs your attention, causing you to leave your lane unintentionally. Reduce that risk by purchasing a vehicle with a lane departure warning system. 

These systems alert you when you start to leave your lane with a sound, steering wheel vibration, or warning indicator. When warned, you can take corrective action to stay in your lane, potentially preventing an accident. 

Adaptive Headlights

Adaptive headlights are clever technology allowing your headlights to switch between low beam and high beam when traffic is present. However, that’s not all adaptive headlights are helpful for. You can also use them to enjoy better visibility at junctions and into corners, potentially allowing you to spot pedestrians and cyclists much easier. While pedestrians and cyclists can make themselves more visible in poor lighting with high-vis clothing, you can do your part by purchasing a vehicle with adaptive headlights. 

Bike-to-Car Communication

Some cars are now outfitted with sensors and computers to make cars and drivers more aware of other vehicles on the road. However, the same technology is now being adjusted for bike-to-car communication. 

For example, the 5G Automotive Association trade group and Fiat Chrysler have been working on a wireless program to allow high-speed communication between cars, bicycles, city infrastructure, and traffic systems. It’s called C-V2X or cellular vehicle-to-everything and might be a game-changer regarding cyclist safety in the years to come. 

Your safety as a driver on the road is paramount, but so is the safety of cyclists and pedestrians. If the time has come to purchase a new vehicle, consider something with this safety technology above to keep yourself and other road users safe.



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