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News   May 19, 2021   by Christine Hogg

Plews & Edelmann releases new universal power steering filter

Plews & Edelmann has engineered a truly universal power steering filter that easily consolidates three filter part numbers into one groundbreaking SKU.

The new power steering filter also delivers an advanced level of filtration designed to help shops protect their repair and significantly reduces warranty claims on pumps, racks, and gears.

“The industry breakthrough behind the new patent pending Edelmann Elite power steering filter is an innovative design that features interchangeable connectors for precise fitment and flow rates on 3/8″, 1/2″, and 5/8″ ID power steering hoses,” said Tony Edwards, VP Business Development, at Plews & Edelmann. “This allows shops to be ready for service on over 99 per cent of import and domestic makes and models that come into their facility. The filter is also a game changer for distributors and parts stores because it will help reduce inventory hassles and unnecessary parts returns for incorrect filter sizes.”

Reduces warranty claims, protects the repair

In addition to setting the standard for consolidation, the Edelmann Elite power steering filter is designed to dramatically improve overall performance. The dual filtration technology that it incorporates provides a high-capacity flow while preventing contamination, a leading cause of premature power steering hard parts failures and warranty issues. The filter eliminates that risk by easily capturing and removing metallic and non-metallic debris from the fluid before it enters the power steering pump. The Edelmann Elite power steering filter packs an oversized magnet that captures any additional metal fragments into an anodized aircraft aluminum body and features a built-in safety bypass to ensure uninhibited flow.

“Before the introduction of the Edelmann Elite power steering filter, service technicians found that, in many applications, typical replacement filters were too large for the fitment area and difficult to install,” Edwards said. “Our new design is smaller and fits into more areas, while still delivering a high-capacity flow. The filter is also serviceable, so it can be cleaned and reused.”

“The Edelmann Elite power steering filter is a hallmark of our industry-first power steering program at Plews & Edelmann,” added Evan Bauer, Director of Business Development. “Every reliable power steering service should always include a filter replacement. It’s the best way to protect the repair and the vehicle owner’s investment in that service. With our new filter design, our engineers have made that replacement easier and trouble-free.”

The new Edelmann Elite power steering filter, Part No. 70699, is packaged in a versatile, clear blister configuration that offers easy placement on a shelf or pegboard. The package includes the filter, four additional connectors, and two stainless steel hose clamps. A countertop display pack, Part No. 70699CC, is also available for convenient POS display.

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