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News   October 18, 2021   by Adam Malik

Philips introduces portable air purifier

A compact air purifier has been released from Philips.

The GoPure GP5212 can remove up to 100 different types of pollutants —including viruses, allergens, bacteria and exhaust gases — and neutralize unpleasant odors in a vehicle.

The purifier uses a special 3-layer filter technology to deliver clean, fresh air in minutes. Because it is compact and portable, it can be placed anywhere in the vehicle. The Philips SelectFilter Plus technology filters out the pollutants.

In a three-stage process, it captures large particles, uses a HESA (High Efficiency Sorbent Agent) filter then a HEPA filter that remove over 99 per cent of airborne bacteria and virus.

The purifier is designed to operate automatically without driver attention. When plugged into the vehicle’s auxiliary power outlet, the unit turns on and off with the vehicle’s ignition. Its two-speed fan can be easily adjusted by the power button. An indicator light signals the need for a filter replacement.

Weighing less than two pounds, the purifier is 7 inches long and wide and less than 3 inches high.

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