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News   June 28, 2022   by Auto Service World Staff

Parking Management For Auto Repair Shops: A Basic Guide

Worldwide, parking has always been a major headache for many. Whether parking at a shopping center, at work, or in any other public space, there never seems to be enough parking spaces available for the number of people who use them. Even parking at an auto repair shop could be a problem. 

If you own or manage an auto repair shop, it is expected that your business must have enough space for clients and their cars. After all, your primary service is to maintain, check, and repair vehicles of any model, unit, and size. 

If your shop doesn’t have a parking management system yet, it might be time to consider one. A parking management system is composed of programs and tools that would help improve your shop’s parking system. With a parking management system in place, you can collect payment, control access, and even monitor the capacity of your operations daily. Read on to know more. 

Choosing The Right One

Auto repair shops may have various needs in terms of parking management, and the best way to find a solution would be to look at these individual needs. Start by writing these down and listing the things the shop needs from a parking management system. Think about what your shop needs most. The following questions may guide you: 

  • Does your shop need an efficient system that can track the number of cars that come in and out each day? 
  • Do you need a system that can track the types of services that are sought by customers?
  • Do you need a parking system that can also track the activities of every employee?

Next, look for reputable agents in the area willing to provide a comprehensive quote, explain their products, or even demonstrate how their system will function. For a comprehensive parking management system, you need both physical and software solutions. 

Physical solutions include wheel stops, entry control, and other physical security features. If you want to check out various wheel stops, this site is an excellent place to start. Software, on the other hand, will provide the auto repair shop with data management services, client liaison, and customer management functions.

Looking At The Main Features

A sound parking management system should enhance the auto repair shop’s operations and safety while covering the following aspects:

  • Keep track of vehicles’ movements in the shop’s area
  • Provide insights into how long a car has been in a specific area of the shop
  • Allow staff to give accurate feedback to their superiors and the customers
  • Ensure all vehicles are safe while at the auto repair shop

If the auto repair shop finds that any of the systems they are considering doesn’t comply or falls short on the features they are looking for, then it’s best to continue looking for other options or get in touch with a software developer who could work on a customized parking management software solution. 

The Benefits Of Parking Management Systems

Installing a parking management system for your auto repair shop has numerous benefits. Once all the physical and software solutions are installed, a comprehensive parking management system can:

  • Provide the shop with accurate data to manage and monitor the business, like how many cars are serviced in a week.
  • Provides the staff and customers with peace of mind, knowing that the cars in the shop’s care will remain safe and protected through the benefit of access control and other security features.
  • The repair process can be more streamlined, making for a quicker turnaround time.
  • A reliable software solution can accommodate other features like security cameras, sensors, or communication systems like a messaging service. 
  • A parking management system reduces the need to move vehicles around unnecessarily, and workers have to adhere to a higher level of accountability for the cars they are assigned to.

The system will save the auto repair shop time and money, as business operations are more streamlined and more customers can be served in a day. A parking management system can also improve the shop’s security with its tracking and monitoring features.

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To Conclude

In a technologically advanced era, all businesses are finding new ways to innovate and provide better customer service. Auto repair shops are not an exception, and implementing parking management systems can be helpful in the operations. 

But before reaping the benefits, owners must choose the right parking management system that has all the features that their shop needs. Parking management software may offer different types of solutions. Some may carry additional security features while some may not. Hence, it is important to list the needs of your auto repair shop first.

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