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News   January 25, 2016   by Allan Janssen

P.E.I. paper chides motorists who disconnect running lights

The Guardian newspaper in Charlottetown, P.E.I. is taking a poke at “motorists who deliberately disengage vehicle daytime running lights.”

In its “Cheers and Jeers” op-ed section, the editorial board of the newspaper offers the sage advice that, “The law says running lights must be in use. It’s dangerous not to have them on.”

This is in response to drivers who are victim to “some bizarre rationale [that] it will increase the life span of headlamp bulbs.”

The writers point out that, “most drivers look for running lights” and can be taken by surprise when a vehicle is not as noticeable as it should be.

“For the sake of replacing a bulb, running lights can well save lives and make vehicles clearly visible.”

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1 Comment » for P.E.I. paper chides motorists who disconnect running lights
  1. Herman Folgering says:

    Maybe that is why so many drivers don’t signal anymore,
    afraid of wearing out the turn signal switch or burning out
    the bulbs,STUPID !!!!!

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