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News   March 31, 2021   by Christine Hogg

OTC releases new transmission jack adapter

OTC has released a new special transmission jack adapter, the OTC 1797 heavy-duty clutch adapter.

Designed to help technicians easily handle heavy-duty clutch assemblies during service, the adapter has universal mounting slots in the base for a universal fit of most high and low-lift transmission jacks. These highly versatile mounting slots allow technicians to use just one adapter for a wide variety of repair jobs, significantly increasing efficiency for any heavy-duty job that comes through their shop.

The adapter also includes a built-in splined adapter mount that rotates easily to help align the clutch spline and the flywheel. Safety straps hold the clutch securely to the jack when working, keeping technicians safe as they repair heavy-duty clutch transmissions. The clutch handler adapter is designed to be used with 10 and 14-splined adapters. Transmission jacks and splined shaft adapters not included.

OTC Low-lift transmission jack compatibility:

  • 1521A 1,000-lb capacity
  • 1522A 2,000-lb capacity
  • 5130 1,000-lb driveline lift
  • 5019A 2,200-lb capacity

OTC High-lift transmission jack compatibility:

  • 1793A 1,000-lb capacity
  • 1794A air-assist 1,000-lb capacity
  • 5237 1,000-lb capacity
  • 1728 air-assist 1,000-lb capacity

OTC Splined shaft adapters compatibility:

  • 600011 14-spline adapter for 5015A
  • 600005 14-splined adapter for 5018A
  • 516160 / 218174 flywheel handling attachment
  • 515686 / 48625 1-3/4″ diameter splined shaft with 1-1/4″ pilot
  • 516159 / 440533 1-3/4″ diameter splined shaft with 1″ pilot
  • 314386 1-3/4″ diameter shaft extension


OTC’s new service tools are available now through OTC distribution partners and resellers. For more information on OTC specialty tools and equipment, visit


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