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News   June 6, 2018   by Allan Janssen

ONE YEAR LATER: How ‘The New Mobility’ is taking shape

In the first part of an exclusive new series, James Carters says the aftermarket better get tuned in to how the automotive world is changing.

Automotive consultant James Carter says the aftermarket has a vested in interest in how the automotive world is changing.

“We had better care about what’s happening to vehicles because what we fix, and how we fix them is all going to change – depending on the technology involved,” he says. “and not only will the vehicle change, but so will the customer.”

He writes that vehicle ownership is being completely transformed… something experts have been predicting for years.

“We’ve know for some time now that what is being called ‘The New Mobility’ would eventually cause industry disruption. But for many, the timeline was uncertain and the ultimate impact on the aftermarket was unclear,” he says. “Stepping forward a year, we’ve seen more developments and future trends are beginning to come into focus.”

AutoServiceWorld the latest insights from Carter, the principal consultant at Toronto-based consultancy Vision Mobility.

Among other topics covered in this series, Carter will discuss electric transport trucks, the hydrogen revolution, how the connected car threatens the independent aftermarket, and how long before we all feel the disruption.

Check out Part 1 of our FutureTech series HERE, and look for additional articles in the weeks to come… only at


ONE YEAR LATER: How ‘The New Mobility’ is taking shape

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