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News   August 23, 2021   by Adam Malik

NUCAP, Sumitomo to develop new lightweight solution

Some applications believed to be out of reach may no longer be following an agreement between GRIPMetal and Sumitomo Bakelite Co.

The agreement is to develop innovative, lightweight composite solutions to industrial challenges. GripMetal’s parent company is NUCAP Industries, which has used thermoset composite developed by Sumitomo in producing new components.

Achieving lightweight solutions is a goal for all companies as lighter weight components mean better fuel economy, fewer emissions and a smaller carbon footprint. It also adds to a better ride.

“Electric vehicles, with their need for maximum range between charges, put a premium on these lightweight components — so a 30 per cent reduction in unsprung mass,” said Montu Khokhar, CEO of NRS Brakes, a subsidiary of NUCAP. “This new hybrid brake-backing plate developed by us under the [agreement] with Sumitomo can provide auto engineers with a solid solution to one of their key weight challenges.”

Sumitomo has also developed a new innovative heat shield that reduces both radiated heat and conducted heat with a unique hybrid design which maximizes the benefits of two materials:

  • Phenolic composite, which utilizes its high heat capacity to absorb 90% of the heat and can be moulded in thin wall sections to reduce package space.
  • Aluminum sheet, which reflects heat and, with a GRIPMetal finish, enables low-cost heat shield manufacturing. It also can be directly moulded using a mould-forming process pioneered by Sumitomo.

“[Sumitomo’s] high heat and flame resistant material technology is enabling electronics to be directly integrated into harsh environment applications such as EV motor & battery pack, which deliver higher durability, lower weight and lower cost than traditional solutions,” said Seiji Suzuki, the CEO at Sumitomo Bakelite North America.

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