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News   February 21, 2020   by Allan Janssen

NRS Brakes expands coverage for Hino Trucks

NRS Brakes has expanded its galvanized brake-pad coverage for Hino Class 4, 5 and 6 trucks.

The pads, which are re-engineered to exceed the performance of the original brake pads to help operators reduce downtime, come with the NRS Brakes Performance Guarantee and NRS Brakes National Fleet Program.

The pads are re-engineered and manufactured in North America by NRS Brakes, which uses fully galvanized steel backing plates to ensure the backing plate and friction attachment will not deteriorate due to corrosion during the entire life of the friction. NRS Shark Metal technology creates a mechanical attachment for the friction material using tiny hooks on the backing plate. The Hino-specific friction material design also is optimized by removing slots and chamfers to maximize pad contact area and stopping power.

The pads feature the NRS Brakes Performance Guarantee covering the replacement costs if a fleet operator or shop experiences a brake-pad failure as a result of delamination or separation. This exceeds the factory warranty offered by Hino.

Each pad set comes with NuLok tabbed shims. These mechanically attached shims help to reduce noise during brake application that could cause possible safety concerns for drivers. Also, The NuLok shims are locked into place and will not migrate and damage the rotor.

The NRS Brakes National Fleet Program supports fleets with access to North American brake engineers. The experts at NRS Brakes can tailor the brake pads and inventory to an operator’s specific fleet and driver needs. The program offers preferred pricing, annual rebate (based on prior years sales) and size/volume incentives.


  • Hino 155 (2012 -2016)NRS07697-D1695
  • Hino 195 (2013-2020) D1683
  • Hino 238 (2011-2012) NRS07636-D1418
  • Hino 258 (2011-2012) NRS07636-D1418 Hino 268 (2011-2012) NRS07636-D1418

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