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  July 27, 2020   by Allan Janssen

Work light


The new Hella VALUEFIT work lamp series offers powerful light output in a compact and attractive design. The housing and the bracket are in black and lend the work lamp its modern and elegant design. The TS3000 / TR3000 achieves an incredible 3,000 lumens at an ambient temperature of 25 degrees and is thus one of the most powerful ValueFit work lamps. And despite its compact size, the TS1700 / TR1700 also reaches 1,700 lumens. This makes the work lamps of this series not only suitable as a halogen substitute, but also as the perfect solution for applications that require more light.

The new Hella ValueFit third generation of work light series is equipped with a thermal sensor that adapts to the ambient temperature. This new feature not only prevents overheating or LED failure, but also increases light output when the ambient temperature is low. In this way the user is given the optimum light under all conditions.

This means that even the very compact TS1700 / TR1700 can achieve an impressive light output of up to 2,000 lumens in cold environments, making it the most powerful ValueFit work lamp of this size. Thanks to this new technology the TS3000 / TR3000 can reach up to 4,800 lumens in cold environments.

This is particularly advantageous at night, when it is dark and therefore also colder, as the lighting is adapted to the ambient temperature. In cold regions, where cover lenses are often iced up or snowed in, the stronger light can, for example, penetrate the lens better and the heat emitted causes the ice to melt more quickly. In environments that tend to be warmer and usually brighter, the work lamp then automatically dims down, extending the life of the LEDs.

LED work lamps are also completely maintenance-free and offer a significantly longer lifetime than the bulb of a halogen work lamp. 


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