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  November 12, 2015   by CARS Magazine

Tenneco expands Monroe Brakes product coverage


Tenneco has expanded its line of Monroe Brakes brake pads to cover a combined total of 46.5 million additional registered vehicles.

With the latest coverage expansion, Total Solution and Monroe ProSolution brake pads are now available for a high percentage of passenger car and light truck brake service opportunities.

The company has introduced 26 Monroe Total Solution and 54 Monroe ProSolution pad sets in 2015 and will launch more than 80 additional pad sets next year. The Monroe Brakes line also includes a comprehensive range of ultra-premium Monroe Severe Solution brake pads for emergency and utility vehicles, delivery trucks, school buses and other severe-duty applications. Tenneco plans to introduce more than 90 additional pad sets across all three product lines in the coming year.

“Thousands of service providers have discovered that the Monroe Brakes brand offers leading-edge ultra-premium and premium brake pad technologies for virtually any popular passenger vehicle,” said Tom Connelly, national sales and marketing manager. “Monroe ProSolution, Total Solution and Severe Solution brake pads represent a true single-source alternative engineered to provide dependable, quiet stopping, faster installation and longer service life.”

Tenneco says the Monroe Total Solution brake pad sets help repair professionals complete more high-quality brake repairs in less time by including everything needed for most applications.

These pads feature ultra-premium ceramic and semi-metallic friction formulations, shim technologies, stainless steel noise reduction hardware, Sensory Locking backing plates, and wire wear sensors, where applicable. Each pad set also includes brake lubricant to help technicians save time while performing a complete repair.

Monroe ProSolution brake pads are designed to provide premium technologies for exceptional performance at a lower price. These pads feature premium ceramic and semi-metallic friction formulations, which provide exceptional noise reduction, long pad life and superior stopping performance.

Monroe Severe Solution brake pads are designed for severe-duty applications help fleets reduce brake maintenance and repair costs through longer pad and rotor life. These pads include ultra-premium friction materials formulated to provide exceptional high-temperature stability, stopping performance, fade resistance and longer service life.

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