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  November 5, 2015   by CARS Magazine

Tenneco brake pad packaging

Screen-Shot-2015-10-30-at-9.43.56-AMTenneco has added to Monroe Brakes brake pads by introducing innovative compartmental product packaging that helps prevent shipping-related damage.

Ultra-premium Monroe Total Solution, premium Monroe ProSolution, and Monroe Severe Solution brake pad sets are shipped complete with hardware kits, enabling service professionals to perform more high quality brake jobs in less time.

“The Monroe Brakes brand introduced the concept of including everything the technician needs to complete a quality brake job, and we continue to expand on this value proposition with durable new packaging that protects the hardware throughout the shipping and handling process,” said Tom Connelly, Monroe Brakes national marketing and sales manager.

In addition to enhanced protection characteristics, the new packaging also clearly communicates the features and benefits of each pad set.


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