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  June 11, 2019   by Renee Montague

Diagnostics tool

Triton-D8 from Snap-on completes the family of intelligent diagnostic products and provides a tool option that fits between Apollo-D8 and Zeus.

Triton-D8 features save time, boost productivity and help technicians by guiding them to the problem, while filtering out unnecessary steps and quickly verifying component failures.

Triton-D8’s features include:

  • Intelligent Diagnostics delivers all of the information in one scrolling, easy-to-navigate screen. It guides technicians straight through the diagnostic workflow, from pinpointing the problem, to finding the fix.
  • Technical Service Bulletins (TSB) – access fault codes and vehicle specific OEM TSBs to start the diagnosis.
  • Smart Data – automatically configures the display to show vehicle parameters (PIDS) relevant to the fault code, saving even more time by filtering out non-related data.
  • SureTrack – delivers top repairs and real fixes for the specific vehicle and diagnostic trouble code (DTC), providing access to information from thousands of shops that have solved the same problem.
  • Functional Tests and Resets – verifying component operation with easy-to-follow reset procedures that help complete the repair.
  • Built-in Scope – the guided component test meter allows technicians to pinpoint issues, helping to quickly identify the faulty component.

Accessing the intelligent diagnostic functions on the Snap-on Triton-D8 requires a software agreement, which will keep the tool updated with the latest information and functionality available.

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