Auto Service World
  April 16, 2014   by CARS Magazine

Rotary Lift Mach Series Mobile Column Lifts

While rise and descent times are important numbers to consider when selecting a vehicle lift, other features that speed up the setup process can have an equally significant impact on boosting shop productivity. Mach series mobile column lifts from Rotary Lift not only raise vehicles faster than comparable mobile column lifts, but they are also built to maximize operator efficiency and reduce downtime. Each column in a Mach series mobile column lift is equipped with identical patent-pending controls, so the technician can operate the entire lift from the column that is most convenient. The easy-to-understand control panel features an intuitive graphic layout of the column setup with a vehicle illustrated for reference. When setting up the lift, the technician simply positions a column, turns it on and presses the button that corresponds to the column’s position on the control graphic. LEDs show the power, synchronization and status of each column. When all LEDs are green, it means the columns are synchronized and ready for lifting. There is no RFID wand to lose or complicated programming procedure to memorize.