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  February 25, 2020   by Allan Janssen

Powertrain lift

OTC has released a new 2,500 lb. Air/Hydraulic Powertrain Lift (1595A) to lift and handle heavy loads for technicians, reducing stress and heavy lifting on the job.

The 1595A powertrain lift can handle loads up to 2,500 lbs. and can easily maneuver around a shop on its large casters. The scissor-designed powertrain lift can handle loads including heavy engine and transmission assemblies, gas tanks, drive axle assemblies, electric vehicle batteries and more.Using the new air/hydraulic foot pump, technicians can accurately lift heavy items where each needs to be on a vehicle.

In addition to precise raising and lowering, the table of the lift is adaptable from independent adjusting screws, capable of tilting the table 15 degrees side-to-side or fore-and-aft, allowing full range of motion to remove or install heavy items. The lift’s large, 8” swivel casters can accommodate the load capacity with ease and allow the technician to move the lift around the shop. The 2,500 lb. Air/Hydraulic Powertrain Lift meets ASME PASE standards.


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