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  March 2, 2016   by CARS Magazine

Phoenix Systems brake fluid test strips

image001Phoenix Systems has a licensing agreement to produce and market Ford-branded brake fluid test strips.

Though automobile brake lines are made of steel their bores are coated with copper, which eventually deteriorates and contaminates the fluid. The test strip alerts you to the degree of contamination, if any.

A brake fluid test strip takes seconds to conduct and provides proof of a needed brake fluid service.

Brake fluid is regularly renewed in race cars, particularly road race cars though less so in passenger cars and towing vehicles. However, the practice toward regular checks is gaining ground. Motivated by a simple color test that takes approximately 60 seconds to mature, it provides a visual indication of brake fluid health.

Phoenix developed the Ford product with the understanding that the brake fluid test needed to show the exact condition of brake fluid—no more guessing. Changing brake fluid when appropriate halts corrosion, extends the life of brake parts and improves safety.

Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price for 100-count bottle of test strips is $81.99

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